Sunday, December 04, 2005

NYTIMES plagiarism incident.

Media: via Regret the Error.

"An article in The Arts on Monday described the films of the Israeli director Amos Gitai, the subject of a retrospective by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. It included two paragraphs, about Mr. Gitai's background and goals, that were virtually identical to a passage in an article by Michael Z. Wise in the August issue of Travel + Leisure magazine. The Times reporter, who had portions of the electronic version of Mr. Wise's article in his computer, inadvertently mingled them with his own notes from an interview with Mr. Gitai, and then used some of them in the Times article without attribution. The material from the magazine should have been credited to it."
RtG says that is not the whole story.
"As FishBowlNY astutely points out, the Editor's Note declines to name the reporter in question. The reporter happens to be one the paper's stars, Steve Erlanger. The standard format for a Times' correction does not call for the reporter to be mentioned by name. Even the Times lengthy Editor's Note on its incorrect WMD reporting declined to name names. Not listing the offending reporter in a correction is pretty standard across most newspapers (though a name is usually mentioned when it is a columnist who erred). But an incident of plagiarism should be treated differently. "

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