Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paul Martin doesn't trust Canadian parents.

Canada: I did not know you Canadians can't be trusted with your own money.

"On Monday, Mr. Harper rolled out his own program with a headline-grabbing announcement of a $1,200 allowance payable to parents for each child age six our younger. This Conservative proposal is not really a childcare program, although it might be some kind of revived baby bonus, Mr. Martin said. There is no guarantee parents will use the money —$25 a week — on childcare. Mr. Harper has in fact suggested there is a fundamental difference in principles in the approach of the two parties to government that can be seen in policies like childcare. He said Monday the Conservative childcare allowance leaves the choice up to parents as to how to send their own money on their children. Mr. Martin told reporters that voters are being presented with a basic choice between values on election day."
I think "send" should be spend, unless the Globe and Mail found a new version of English. If the Conservatives are quick on their feet, they would take that soundbite and run with it.

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