Monday, December 05, 2005

Paul McCartney puts Canada on notice!

Canada: Damn Canadians, its Paul McCartney and Bono calling you out, you better listen or else.

Paul McCartney has written an angry letter to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin over the country's harp seal hunting, only days after the premier was criticised by Bono over the country's foreign aid. The animal-loving ex-Beatle sent Martin a letter on Wednesday appealing to him to ban the controversial practice. The Canadian government insists the north west Atlantic harp seal population is currently stable at 5.9 million, after raising the hunting quote to 319,517 earlier this year. McCartney's letter reads: "We wanted to put you on notice that if Canada moves forward with another hunt next year, we will do all we can to focus attention on this unjustified, outdated and truly horrific practice, including, potentially, visiting the seals and the ice." McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney may visit the ice floes next year to draw media attention to the issue. Over the weekend, Bono met with Martin and implored the PM to increase debt relief to developing countries, saying, "I'm mystified, actually, by the man. I like him very much, personally. "I just think that it's a huge opportunity that he's missing out on. This is important to the Canadian people.
This is what Paul Martin gets for sucking up to Bono, he wouldn't dare pull this brazen an act on any other leader. As for McCartney, I am tempted to go seal hunting with a poster of him wrapped around the club.

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