Thursday, December 01, 2005

The project, Muslim Brotherhood, Qaradawi and world domination.

Religion: Interesting details being unearthed by Scott Burgess at Daily Ablution about a document called "The Project" which is supposedly a plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to make Islam the worldwide religion. Qaradawi shows up as a major shareholder in a bank owned by a leader of the brotherhood, Youssef Nada, accused by American and European officials of funding terrorist groups. Qaradawi also calls for the conquering of America and Europe thru the practice of dawah. The whole dawah and plans to take over the world doesn't bother me much, you can find other groups/persons in other religions dreaming of that. A couple of issues pop up that do interest me is Qaradawi involvement in creating such a document, being a shareholder in a bank that finances terrorist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood insistence that it is harmless group looking to just be heard. The other part is the continuing indulgence by the likes of Red Ken Livingstone and the Guardian's Seamus Milne( of the Dilpazier Aslam affair) in pushing these people as being representive of Muslims or victims of smear campaign when called on it. Head over to Burgess's page for lots more detail.

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