Friday, December 16, 2005

Randal, you are such a moron.

Entertainment: I watched the last couple of minutes of the Apprentice and I saw someone go from hero to goat in about 30 seconds. Randal being a selfish prick shows that just because you are book smart and talented, you need common sense to balance yourself out. Here is the recap.

"....Everything was in place for Trump to conclude a season of mass firings (two here, four there, two more here) with a dual hiring. “I based my company, and in fact, I based my whole life around really good people. It’s very important to me. This isn’t just a television show, this is a bout hiring somebody for a long period of time,” he said, confirming that he was ready to hire two very good people. But then our billionaire buddy surprised us. “Rebecca, you’re outstanding. Randal, you’re hired,” Trump said. The band struck up the “Apprentice” theme song and Randal leapt up, hugging his friends in the cast. How could this be? What about Rebecca? Then Trump called for Randal to return to the table repeatedly. Trump, ever the showman, was just trying to squeeze out a little bit more melodrama before the double-hiring. At least, that’s the way it appeared. “If you were me, would you hire Rebecca also?” he asked Randal, and we all knew what was coming next. After getting the nod from Randal, Donald Trump was going to make “Apprentice” history and hire Rebecca too.
Randal allowed his ego to get ahead of his mouth. Trump saw both of them as great hires and wanted to give Randal the opportunity to show how magnanimous he could be....instead..
But then Randal, who’s perhaps played the game with more integrity than anyone else in four seasons of “The Apprentice,” and who earned the respect of basically every other candidate in the suite this season, surprised everyone. “Mr. Trump, I firmly believe that this is ‘The Apprentice,’ that there is one and only one apprentice, and if you’re going to hire someone tonight, it should be one,” Randal said. “It’s not ‘The Apprenti,’ it’s ‘The Apprentice.’” For some reason, this impossibly lame and aggressively selfish argument convinced Trump, who kind of shrugged and said, “Okay, I’m going to leave it at that then. I think could have been convinced, but you feel that’s the way it should be, I’m going to leave it that way.” That audience booed, feeling as betrayed as Rebecca must have, and as Randal jogged to the end of the stage to wave at the crowd, he was facing a group that had lost some of their respect for him; their clapping and cheering was subdued, and boos were still audible. Rebecca just shook Trump’s hand and said, “That’s unfortunate.” And it was. Because yet again, Donald Trump made an arbitrary choice between two competent, talented individuals. Randal unquestionably should have been hired, but Rebecca should have as well. What Randal has in education, he lacks in foresight; what Rebecca has in competency and loyalty, she lacks in experience. They complimented each other well — and both fit in well with Trump.
Randal showed everyone he would ever work with that one move, he will dropkick you to ground to get ahead, take your glory and rushes into things when he should really think about it first. Don't get me wrong, I am not objecting to ruthless methods to get ahead in the world, but given the circumstances, Randal at the moment of truth showed his true colors that could hurt him in business in the long run. Never let personal get in the way of business.

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