Sunday, December 18, 2005

Self Loathing, the left's greatest crutch.

Australia: This article by James Morrow can apply to the left in any country, it is alway better over there, usually some socialist country that just hasn't got it right.

"TO say that the Australian Left has a conflicted relationship with Australia is like saying that a heartburn sufferer has a conflicted relationship with spicy Thai curry: they may claim to love it, but put the two together and all you'll get is a lot of whingeing and hot air. This tense relationship -- which is akin to teenagers who enjoy all the comforts of living at home while complaining that mum and dad are so tragically unhip -- is always simmering in the background of Australia's cultural life. But it boiled over in the wake of the Cronulla beach riot. Because just as sullen teenagers try to prove how sophisticated they are by vilifying their parents at every turn, the Australian Left is doing its best to maintain its own social standing by rubbishing the country in that international high school known as "the court of world opinion" -- where the arbiters of cool are a handful of elite editorialists and academics and others who accumulate frequent flier points with taxpayer money. Thus when tensions in Sutherland Shire exploded a week ago, producing images of Anglo-Australian locals battering hapless dark-skinned beachgoers, it was an ideal opportunity for left-wing media and academic elites to jump up and down and scream, "Hey! Look how awful we are!" to the rest of the world, while simultaneously and quite publicly fretting about how poor our overseas reputation was becoming as a result. Never mind the pesky matter of the ongoing days of revenge attacks, which saw everything from cars to carols services attacked by gingerly referenced "young men of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance": the Australian Left wanted the rest of the world to know that there was only one predictably pale culprit....."
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