Sunday, December 18, 2005

She wasn't deported because....

Nation: Under oath and everything.

MADISON - Seventeen-year-old Maria Vital of Racine readily admits entering Texas illegally from Mexico about three years ago. But that doesn't mean she's a terrorist, and she doesn't want to be treated like one, Vital told members of a state Senate committee Thursday. Vital and eight other Racine students traveled to Madison to testify against Assembly Bill 69, which would require Wisconsin driver's license applicants to prove they're in the United States legally. ''We come here to work, to have a better life, a better future. We don't come here to kill people,'' said Vital, a senior at Racine Horlick High School. ....Renee Bradley of Racine, who said her husband waited years to become a legal U.S. resident, testified in favor of the bill. ''I find it inconceivable that those who have chosen to ignore our immigration laws and are in violation of our laws everyday they remain here, take a job illegally, threaten to drive illegally to jobs they should not have in the first place - that theses individuals are suddenly concerned about the safety of our roads, legally driving a car and obtaining car insurance,'' Bradley said.
Bravo Renee, this is not difficult, you want to come here, do it legally.

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