Saturday, December 17, 2005

Star studded lineup for Tookie's funeral

UPDATE news on Tookie's Funeral here. Entertainment: No word if a memorial for Tookie's victims will be created so they can attend that too.

HOLLYWOOD - Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover and rapper Snoop Dogg are among the thousands of mourners expected to turn out for the funeral of executed former gang leader Stanley 'Tookie' Williams early next week. Williams, 51, was killed by lethal injection in a Californian prison on Tuesday for four murders during robberies in 1979. His death sentence sparked outrage after he picked up a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for his death row writings, which urged young people not to form gangs. Williams' celebrity supporters campaigned relentlessly for clemency ahead of the execution and many, including Snoop Dogg and human rights activists Jesse Jackson, are tipped to speak at his funeral. The ceremony will be held in Los Angeles, before his ashes are scattered in South Africa.
In the meantime, Cory Maye is sitting in a cell somewhere in Mississippi with so far only bloggers helping him out. If they wanted a case to run with this would be it. BTW, This post by CBS blog section with the headline, "An Interesting Test Of The Power Of The Blogosphere" should read "An Interesting Test of The Media" because they could not wait to write for days and weeks about Tookie. How much attention will they pay to this even though its not as sexy and the star power will be practically nil.

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