Monday, December 12, 2005

Stop whining print media please, it is pathetic.

Media: Reading the little snippets on Poynter you see for the most part an industry that does not have a clue why it is in trouble though the answer is right in front of them. Only USATODAY's Peter Johnson points out the problem.

We should all be worried about the future of newspapers That's what USA Today media reporter Peter Johnson tells Dan Rohn. "My son is a junior in college and I've seen him pick up a newspaper maybe three times in his entire life. He gets everything from the Internet. ... I know that young people historically – at least modern historically – may not pick up newspapers a lot, but they used to at least get the habit. I don’t see younger people getting in the habit of reading a newspaper. But I do see them getting in the habit of getting news from the Internet. We have to figure out how to move from print to the Internet and I don't think newspaper companies are doing such a great job of doing that." Posted at 11:04:20 AME-mail this item QuickLink this item: A93464
Its all about getting the most updated concise information in the fastest amount of time. Print media can no longer do that with the internet here. Looking at the local papers in South Florida like the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald. I have no reason to read them other than for important local news. National and International news I can get from Reuters/AP collected together on Yahoo or Google or go straight to the source as with the plane crash at Midway, check Chicago Sun Times or Tribune or even the local Chi-Town stations. Now take that and try to compete in print the day after an event happens and you realize you can't. The Sun Sentinel should be called the AP-Sentinel, because outside of the local news, everything is a wire service you probably read the day before and even worse it is an edited version. The major hit is classified ads, that can be done better with the internet than print especially if you are going after young people. Most of the papers failed to recognize the fundamental reason why the internet would cause them problems. It does everything you can do in print faster and better with ways to flesh out a story via links and information databases. As more ways are created to make people get the news and information electronic, print will continue to die off. The future will see news sites concentrate more on their community and leave the national/international reporting to just a few media giants.

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