Friday, December 16, 2005

Talkback radio host taken off the air

Australia: A couple of things bug me about this, one the radio host was being stupid and two I really dislike the attitude of Sheikh Shafiq Khan.

A TALKBACK radio host has been forced to apologise for on-air claims that some Lebanese Australians were "inbred". Macquarie Radio station 2GB's late-night announcer in Sydney, Brian Wilshire, told his audience that many Lebanese "have parents who are first cousins whose parents were first cousins. The result of this is inbreeding – the result of which is uneducationable (sic) people . . . and very low IQ". Wilshire's comments were greeted by outrage in Sydney. "It reveals an uneducated comment on his part – they are disgraceful comments," NSW Premier Morris Iemma said. Wilshire, whose 2GB colleague Alan Jones was also accused of fuelling racial tensions, yesterday apologised for his remarks. "I understand that those comments may have caused offence to some members of the Lebanese community and I unreservedly retract those comments and I apologise for any offence that might have been caused," he said. ....Australian Islamic Cultural Centre president Sheikh Shafiq Khan also criticised the role of the media. "The media are the arm of the community," Sheik Khan said. "The government, the media, the community and police, they are working together like a car. "If one (of these) is not good, the car cannot work."
No Sheik, that is how it works in a totalitarian/communist society not generally so in most western countries. There probably wouldn't be this much tension if people were being honest about what was happening in the first place which is why talkback radio is getting huge down there.

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