Tuesday, December 13, 2005

UK Muslims are consistent embarrassment to Islam.

UK: I am utterly disgusted with the drama queens in this piece over sausage rolls. It looks like every month UK Muslims come up with some nonsense like this that would be an insult to Muslims elsewhere. Life must be good in the area when a sausage roll makes them act like a plague just hit the area.

SHOCKED parents are threatening to take their children out of school after a mix-up led to Muslim pupils being offered sausage rolls. Parents with children at Mount Stuart Primary School, Butetown, Cardiff, were distraught as pork is forbidden for Muslims. School governor Mohammed Islam said: “It is shocking. I don’t understand how this has happened.” One Muslim woman, who has a son and daughter at the school, said: “Half the community is Muslim, so everyone has been affected by this. “A lot of people are panicking.” Mr Islam, 33, of Grangetown, who has three children - aged four, eight and 11 - at the school, said: “My daughters didn’t eat it, but my son is only four and didn’t know what it was. “Lots of people are very upset. My daughters were crying when they came home. We’re giving them packed lunches now and thinking of taking them out of the school. “We are trying to find out if this has happened before.” The school has now held a meeting with parents to reassure them it won’t happen again. Mr Islam has written to Cardiff council’s chief schools officer, Hugh Knight, calling for an investigation. “The Muslim communities in the Butetown, Grangetown and Riverside areas are very upset after hearing of this incident.," he said. A Cardiff council spokeswoman said: “A lapse of supervision by catering staff at Mount Stuart Primary School in Butetown occurred on Tuesday, December 6, when children with a preference for non-pork products were served meat-based sausage rolls from a wide range of foods offered. “Pupils did not consume the food as the mistake was detected in time and the food was removed immediately. “Representatives from Cardiff council’s schools catering service have met with parents, teachers and governors at the school to discuss the incident and ensure that additional safeguards are in place so there is no repeat. “We take this issue very seriously and apologise for this regrettable and isolated incident.”
Did anyone eat the rolls? No. Did anyone force the rolls? No. I was hoping this was something along the lines of The Onion, but nope.
But local councillor Mohammed-Sarul Islam said: "It was an absolutely outrageous mistake. How can this sort of thing happen. "Some children came home and refused to go back to school because the dinner ladies served them sausage rolls."
The rest of the story from the BBC.
The Cardiff City council spokeswoman said the incident had been a mistake and the members of staff responsible would not be facing disciplinary action. She added a wide range of food had been offered to youngsters at the school on 6 December, when "children with a preference for non-pork products were served meat-based sausage rolls". Diet and religious preferences' She said: "Pupils did not consume the food as the mistake was detected in time and the food was removed immediately. "Cardiff Catering remains committed to providing meals suitable for all schoolchildren throughout the city and continues to work with the Muslim Council for Wales on ways to best serve the Muslim community. "In this particular school, the catering service addresses both diet and religious preferences serving several options of meals every day."
So the catering company had pork and non-pork food, someone made a mistake and horrors of horrors, some kids got served sausage rolls which traumatized them so much they started to cry? They don't want to go back to school, Parents are want to take their schools out of the school because of sausage rolls? What kind of Islamic Community has developed in this area. A simple mistake happen and everyone falls to pieces. Once this story gets circulated, it will be added to the Piglet being banned as examples of those "weird Muslims" acting up again over stupid stuff. Everyone one of these parents who are growing their kids to be this sensitive and local Muslim leaders who added to the overall pythonesque fiasco of the situation need to grow up.

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