Sunday, December 04, 2005

UK: 'PC' firms ban Christmas glitz

UK: uh.. Happy Festivus?

'PC' firms ban Christmas glitz MORE than two out of three companies have banned Christmas decorations from the office because of fears that they will offend people from different religious faiths, a new report claimed today. Employment law firm Peninsula said it surveyed more than 2,000 employers and found many were "succumbing" to political correctness measures. About 70% of bosses questioned said they would not allow Christmas trees or decorations to be displayed in offices over the festive season. Peter Done, of Peninsula, said: "The workplace is now the latest in an increasing number of places affected by the wave of political correctness being imposed on festive traditions. "To ease fears of offending other faiths and excluding minorities, firms are increasingly banning Christmas decorations and traditions from the workplace."
More Christmas fighting here in Australia and here.

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