Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well, so much for the AP news values and principles

Media: AP's Rose French lied to Barrett Rifles about the type of story she was going to do and AP had to print a retraction. Of course it didn't deal with the fact she lied.

"So, the situation is that Ms. French held herself out as doing a business feature, then does a biased anti-gun piece using the company, omits information that would be consistent with a business feature, and the report contained many factual inaccuracies. Dan has informed me in comments that the AP would issue a correction. They did and it is here (the AP beat me by one hour because I actually, you know, fact checked and verified my sources):"
On November 29th, AP sent out a P.R. about their news values and principles
It means we don't misidentify or misrepresent ourselves to get a story. When we seek an interview, we identify ourselves as AP journalists.
Rose needs a copy.

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