Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wizards in Winter light display shut down

Nation: The owner shut down the display after an accident happened and the cops could not get to it. Video of the display here.

Cops asked a Deerfield Township, Ohio, man who covered his house with 25,000 Christmas lights rigged to dance when holiday music plays to pull the plug on the display after a car wreck Tuesday night, according to Cox News Service. Carson Williams, the owner of the house, told police he would turn off his holiday decorations indefinitely. As earlier reported in Out There, Williams spends nearly two months hooking up the 25,000 lights and programming them to dance — hundreds of cars drive by his house north of Cincinnati every night to see the display, which also is posted online. Sheriff's deputies couldn't reach the scene of the accident because of the cars lined up on his neighborhood streets, Williams told a local Cincinnati TV station. "He told us if we start having traffic problems that he would shut the display down for a while," Warren County sheriff's Lt. Ed Petrey told Cox News Service. ....Around 7:30 p.m. near Williams' dancing-light display, two cars collided but there were no injuries. "I told the neighbors, I told the sheriff, if they get any complaints, I'll shut it down, because the neighbors are more important to me than the Christmas lights," Williams said on NBC's "Today" show on Monday. For now, Williams' eccentric light show will only be viewable on the Internet, motorists have been lining up between 6 and 10 p.m. since the display kicked off the week of Thanksgiving. Williams, an electrical engineer, says he spent about $10,000 on his dancing Christmas lights.

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