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Anthony Browne causing a ruckus among the PC types.

UK: As his new book "Retreat of Reason: Political Correctness and the Corruption of Public Debate in Modern Britain" goes on sale.

Political correctness is threatening British society, it was claimed today. A book published by social policy think-tank Civitas blamed PC attitudes for creating "Muslim ghettoes" which produced "young men who commit mass murder against their fellow citizens". Author Anthony Browne said political correctness had become a form of "soft totalitarianism" which had led to "moral cowardice" and "intellectual dishonesty". PC has gained a "vice-like grip over public debate" and, although it once had a purpose in preventing overt discrimination it now "causes more harm than good", he argued. "Intolerant and sanctimonious" political correctness had led to censorship, he said. Some views were being suppressed not because they were likely to cause physical violence or threaten national security, but simply because they caused offence or aroused emotions such as hatred, he said. Anyone who challenged PC views was "deemed a viable target for any personal abuse". By always backing the perceived "victim" against the so-called "oppressor", and by relying on an argument's emotional appeal rather than the facts, PC had made some arguments almost impossible to refute, he said. For example, adherents of PC routinely blamed the explosion in the UK's HIV infection rate on teenagers having unsafe sex, he said. But the "factually correct truth" was that the rise was largely down to the arrival of HIV positive African immigrants in Britain, a fact now openly reported by the Public Health Laboratory Service, he added. Other issues clouded by PC thought, suggested Mr Browne, were: Women's pay being less than men's - due to sex discrimination, according to PC, when in fact it was due to women making different work-life choices and taking childcare breaks A rise in anti-Semitic attacks - due to white skinheads, according to PC, when in fact many attacks were committed by Muslim youths African poverty - due to the West not giving enough aid and failing to cancel debt, as suggested by the PC lobby, when in fact it was due to bad governance and despotism in African countries
There is a reason London is known as Londonistan, developing governments contributing to the starving is well known by people who are directly affected by it and in another article, Browne referred to poor British people as being "lazy, ill-disciplined and addicted to benefits". Given the type of nanny state the UK is pushing, this would be a typical result. The book has made some angry like the fine people at the Muslim Council of Britain.
The Muslim Council's spokesperson Inayat Bunglawala denounced Mr Browne's claim as "an outrageous assertion" and "unsubstantiated". He said: "It creates a link in people's mind between Muslim areas and terrorism. No one describes Jewish areas, such as Golders Green, as ghettos. When new immigrants arrive they tend to cluster together for convenience. The term `ghettos' is deeply misleading." Mr Bunglawala said political correctness was not to blame for the bombings of July 7. "Look at radicalisation amongst Muslim youth which has been accentuated by the Iraq War as the link," he added.
First off, having Bunglawala, who has praised Osama bin Laden, the blind Sheikh and said the British media was controlled by the zionists, you are stumbling badly out the blocks. PC is to blame because for years people have been saying the UK allowing Muslim extremists to the country(hence Londonistan) would have a corrupting effect on Muslim youths. They were shouted down as racists, BNP lovers...etc...etc.
Mr Browne, the European correspondent for The Times, claims political correctness has gained a "vice-like grip over public debate" and, although it once had a purpose in preventing overt discrimination, it now "causes more harm than good". Mr Bunglawala said: "I honestly believe debate has never been so free as it is now. People are more open in their views than they've ever been. I don't think it is being stifled. Sher Khan, chair of the public affairs committee at the Muslim Council of Britain, said political correctness could serve a purpose, providing it does not obstruct the truth. He said: "We have to be careful about what we mean by political correctness. If, for example, it means not being rude or insulting to someone's culture then it has its place in society. "But political correctness cannot get in the way of the facts. It is important to be truthful.
Which is why the MCB is bullish about the religious hatred law and angry when it looked like it would be watered down. Khan unwittingly shows what PC mean to the types that agree with the MCB. No rudeness such as Browne's new book has a place in society or trying to get rid of holocaust memorial day because as MCB head Sacranie claimed it is "hurtful" to Muslims.
“The very name Holocaust Memorial Day sounds too exclusive to many young Muslims. It sends out the wrong signals: that the lives of one people are to be remembered more than others. It’s a grievance that extremists are able to exploit.” The recommendation, drawn up by four committees including those dealing with imams and mosques, and Islamaphobia and policing, has the backing of Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain. He said: “The message of the Holocaust was ‘never again’, and for that message to have practical effect on the world community it has to be inclusive. We can never have double standards in terms of human life. Muslims feel hurt and excluded that their lives are not equally valuable to those lives lost in the Holocaust time.”
Back to the MCB which ends with Sher on an almost mocking note.
"However, Mr Browne's interpretation of the facts is skewed and his point of view reflects a particular bias. Being truthful means stating the facts: can we have some facts and figures, please. "Take, for example, his comments about anti-Semitic attacks being committed by Muslims instead of white skinheads. Where is his evidence? Does he have police reports that say that?"
Well there was the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia that got shelved because it reportedly showed a rise of anti semitic attacks by Muslims across Europe. Given the politically correct nature on how the UK police and officials describe criminals, getting any figures will be tough.
The Financial Times newspaper revealed that the EUMC management board had decided to shelve the paper in February. "I have been informed that the draft report in question ... did not meet the criteria of consistency and quality of data," EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana wrote in July. And EUMC Director Beate Winkler said last week that the report had been rejected because its authors had only been asked to study the period May-June 2002, a period later judged to be unrepresentative. 'Political considerations' There also appear to be differences with the authors over the definition of anti-Semitism, which included some anti-Israel acts by pro-Palestinian and Muslim groups. But Mr Wexler said that a researcher involved in compiling the report had told him it had been shelved because of "political considerations". Critics of the decision say the EU is trying to shield European Muslims for the sake of political correctness. "Suggestions that the EU would suppress this report based on politics and in the face of growing hatred toward European Jewry are unconscionable," Mr Wexler said. "The EU report on anti-Semitism is the essential first step toward eradicating this crisis, and I call on the EUMC to immediately release this report." This view was echoed by German Christian Democrat MEP Armin Wetzel. "The grounds given so far [for not publishing the report] are not objective grounds," he told Financial Times Deutschland. "The fight against anti-Semitism must be conducted in a systematic way and not according to left-wing/right-wing considerations."

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