Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blizzard screwed up World of Warcraft with patch 1.9

Entertainment: New patch 1.9 comes out, you expect a couple of days of hotfixes, mistakes and goofy things happening to the game. You shouldn't have too but you do. I can take that. The problem becomes when one of the best functions of game gets "fixed" because it was doing something it was supposed to do. That would be Out of Zone chatting. OOZ was useful because you could quest in other zones while keeping an eye on the main areas like Ironforge where you went to look for groups or you could chat and be entertained while in other zones. Patch 1.9 aka The patch from hell comes out and people noticed they couldn't OOZ. Blizzard response so far is this.

" As it was technically not supported functionality anyway, I do not believe this will be reinstated."
Considering there is an option when you right click on the general tab that says "JOIN NEW CHANNEL" and worked as it said to OOZ, that doesn't make sense. But what annoys me is the fact this function has been in the game nearly a year, been used by many players because it was useful to adding enjoyment and functionality to the game that someone came up with the idea to take it out. On top of that not one person thought it might bea boneheaded move and stopped it from happening. Think before you patch next time.

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