Saturday, January 28, 2006

Canadian Islamic Congress demands Hamas be recognized

Canada: After new PM Harper tells the press this at his conference. Via Blue Blogging Soapbox.

Transcript of his first press conference Question: May I ask a question about Hamas? They've been elected in Palestinian territories. Will the Canadian government recognize them? Harper: I'll address this in more detail when I take office, Bob, but let me just say as you know, we've always maintained that we support a secure Israel and a democratic Palestine but for a nation to be truly democratic, that nation must renounce any use of terrorism.
The CIC comes out with this slap happy press release.
"....CIC is urging the new government of Canadian PM-elect Stephen Harper to respect the results of a vote that could soon see Hamas in political control of Gaza and the West Bank. "Canada should adopt a balanced policy in the region in order to work towards, and ultimately achieve, peace with justice," the CIC statement continued. "Not to deal with the new Palestinian government will be a serious setback to the peace movement and serve only to escalate the violence. The Irish Republican Army's political wing proved itself competent to govern without continuing armed violence; likewise, several former Israeli prime ministers were once labelled terrorists. Hamas should be given the same chance to establish itself in this new phase of Middle East history. We believe that bringing Hamas into the legitimate political process and opening constructive dialogue will help to moderate its policies."
By balance meaning denouncing Israel, Palestinians made their choice but Harper correctly states Hamas has to get rid of the destruction of Israel and stop the terrorist attacks. How is that an unreasonable position to the CIC is mindboggling.

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