Monday, January 23, 2006

Conservatives win minority government in Canada

Canada: Outside chance of them getting a majority, but a major breakout in Quebec gaining seats. Now they have to work on this to keep the party from being a one hit wonder. Globe and Mail with the roundup so far. Conservative reaction at Freedominion board and Blog round up at Andrew Coyne, Small Dead Animals, Nealenews and Michelle Malkin. As a service to those who are even with a Minority Conservative government in Canada having stomach pains, some useful sites that may interest you. Venezuela Travel Information Embassies of Cuba Index Bolivia Travel Information Have a nice trip, say hi to Castro for me. Update#

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada took a tentative step to the right in Monday's federal election, ousting the Liberals after 12 years in power and voting in a fragile minority Conservative government, television networks said. Preliminary official figures at 11 p.m. (0400 GMT Tuesday) showed the Conservatives winning or ahead in 122 electoral districts compared to 103 for the Liberals of Prime Minister Paul Martin. The result was a personal triumph for Conservative leader Stephen Harper, a 46-year-old economist who forced through the creation of the party in December 2003 by uniting two squabbling right-wing movements. "It shows that Canadians were looking for change," deputy Conservative leader Peter MacKay told CTV. Support for the Liberals shrank amid voter fatigue and a major kickback scandal which brought down the minority government of Prime Minister Paul Martin in November. How long Harper can stay in power is open to serious question, since he will have nowhere near the 155 seats he needs to hold a majority in the 308-seat House of Commons. The Conservatives have no natural allies in Parliament and will therefore have to govern on an issue-by-issue basis with the backing of other parties. "Minority means we have to be constructive, and we have to be working together and finding common ground," said MacKay.
Paul Martin already got called out by a Lib MP to quit as leader, so the race for the new liberal leader should be fun. Update#2 Robin Williams is among many Hollywood libs who will be unhappy.
Eventually, Mork, who's in town shooting a movie titled Man of the Year, ended up behind the bar taking orders from tickled patrons. I took the opportunity to do an impromptu Q&A. "So, Mr. Williams," I asked, "what is your position on the Canadian election?" "Stay Liberal!" he expounded with the speed of a stand-up. "But our Conservatives are not the same as your conservatives," I rambled back. "Yes, your Conservatives don't kill people," Williams shot back.

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