Saturday, January 21, 2006

Flint mayor wants communist auto run factory

Nation: It would probably be easier and less costly to hire people, give them a paycheck and make them sit at home. Creating a factory to give jobs that will pay regardless of if its needed or not is just stupid. There is a fine line between desperate actions and stupid actions, this is the latter.

"....But the Flint Mayor Donald Williamson is hopeful. In his first two years in office he managed to wrest the city from state control by erasing a massive deficit. He's paved the roads and managed to get a fresh slate of city councilors elected who back his sometimes controversial plans. "We are going to do something different in this city that nobody else has done," Williamson said as he leaned across his wide desk in city hall. "We will (build) our own manufacturing plants that the city funds," he said. "We are going to specialize in nothing but truck accessories." There is plenty of factory space available and people who are used to working on the assembly line. And once the city proves the plants can make a profit, buyers are certain to come knocking, Williamson said. It's not clear if the city would be allowed to run a for-profit enterprise, and many have questioned the rationality of the plan. "It seems like the private sector ought to be the one developing plants and not the municipality," said Paul Keep, editor of the Flint Journal. "Is this going to take millions and millions of dollars from the Flint treasury?" When pressed, Williamson refused to offer more details or even say when he plans on submitting his proposal to the city council. But the fact that he's considering it highlights the desperate times Flint has fallen upon. "Reality doesn't have a lot to do with what gets promised in Flint," said Albert Price, a professor of political science at the University of Michigan, in Flint. "Desperate people will believe anything."

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