Monday, January 02, 2006

Forget Chuck Norris, start a Churchill top 30 facts.

UK: Damn, Churchill was a cold-blooded mother back then. Perfect for fighting Nazis.via Ace of Spades.

Winston Churchill wanted the RAF to wipe out German villages in retaliation for the massacre of Czech civilians in the village of Lidice, wartime cabinet documents have revealed. The same declassified papers show that Churchill also wanted Adolf Hitler executed "like a gangster" in an electric chair borrowed from the Americans, if the dictator were captured alive by British troops. The plan to attack small villages "on a three-for-one basis" was formed in the summer of 1942 five days after German forces murdered most of the 450 occupants of Lidice, a village north of Prague, in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, deputy leader of the SS. Churchill abandoned the plan only in the face of opposition from cabinet colleagues, who feared that the lives of aircrews would be placed needlessly at risk. Clement Attlee, the dominions secretary and future Labour prime minister, said he believed it unwise "to enter into competition in frightfulness with the Germans". On June 15 Churchill conceded, saying: "My instinct is strongly the other way ... I submit unwillingly to the view of cabinet against." ....Churchill's ruthlessness emerges elsewhere in Sir Norman's notes, where he is quoted as saying that German PoWs in British hands should be shot if the Nazis began killing British captives."
"Thats how I rolled."

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