Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Iqbal Sacranie slams gays as harmful to society.

UK: As I said before, its the political correct matter/anti-matter slamming into each other. Grab the popcorn and watch in amusement.

A British Muslim leader has sparked anger by condemning civil partnerships and describing homosexuality as harmful. Sir Iqbal Sacranie, head of the Muslim Council of Britain, said same-sex relationships risked damaging the very foundations of society. He said that homosexuality spread disease and was immoral. Sir Iqbal said civil partnerships were "harmful" and not acceptable. "This is harmful," he said. "It does not augur well in building the very foundations of society - stability, family relationships. And it is something we would certainly not in any form encourage the community to be involved in." Speaking on BBC Radio Four's PM programme, Sir Iqbal underlined the importance of tolerance. But asked if homosexuality itself was harmful to society he said: "What is not acceptable, there is a good reason for it. Each of our faiths tell us that it is harmful and I think, if you look into the scientific evidence that has been available in terms of the forms of various other illnesses and diseases that are there, surely it points out that where homosexuality is practised there is a greater concern in that area." But Sir Iqbal said everyone should be tolerant. "We tolerate each other," he said. "We may not be happy with the views being expressed by others. But the difficulty comes in that at the end of the day we are human beings." He said opponents of civil partnerships had the right to speak out against them. But those who supported them also had a right to be heard. Gay rights group OutRage! condemned the comments. Founder Peter Tatchell said: "It is tragic for one minority to attack another minority. Both the Muslim and gay communities suffer prejudice and discrimination. We should stand together to fight Islamophobia and homophobia."
Right now Al-Guardiana and Red Ken are too stunned to move and Tatchell tortured reasoning is hilarious. You may be minorities, but that doesn't mean its makes you the same. Just be happy that Sacranie says he puts up with "you people" I am enjoying this way too much. Update# Will Sacranie get a visit from the police who will give him "advice" and what did he mean by ""It does not augur well in building the very foundations of society - stability, family relationships." British society has been built for a while now.

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