Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kanye West posing as Jesus

Entertainment: The aging crew at Rolling Stone Magazine goes for the controversy with a guy who believes the CIA put crack in black areas, the CIA destroyed the black panthers and the government introduced AIDS to Africa.

Gawker: "Lest you find the cover offensive, remember that it’s okay if a magazine uses a person of color as Jesus — that conveys sympathy and respect. If it were Mark Wahlberg or Piper Perabo tied to the cross, however, that would mean eternal damnation. "
IF KANYE WEST HAD BALLS, he'd pose as Mohammed, instead of Jesus. But he doesn't. Efforts to be controversial have become so predictable. Yawn.
Rolling Stone would never permit the abuse of a religious figure loved by a billion plus people, unless its a Christian figure where the possibility of violence against editors and the subject is much lower.

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