Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let us celebrate welfare moms and their kids

Culture: ...with Tim Grant of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This is written version of a train wreck with people who have no damn clue.

After teasing each other in class all day, the two young women took their quarrel outside the alternative high school and drew a crowd with their screaming and cursing. Both were in love with the same young man and they had allowed him to get them both pregnant. The two clashed in a war of emotions hinging on which one of them would be his girlfriend. "You don't understand how mad I was," Shanel Wilson, 18, of Duquesne, later told her friends at the Duquesne Family Center. Those friends, who listened to her recount the showdown, are part of a support group which meets weekly to eat, laugh and talk about the often bumpy and difficult road they walk each day as teenage parents. The teenage pregnancy rate is falling nationwide, but in many schools, towns and neighborhoods, some young people still are trading the innocence of carefree youth for the awesome responsibility of raising babies. Some make the trade willingly and without the kind of stigma that used to isolate many pregnant teens. "I already knew I was going to have one eventually, so it wasn't a surprise," said Ashley Pitts, 19, of Duquesne, who became pregnant at 15. "There's no shame in getting pregnant. There's a lot of people who have kids. There are 17-year-olds with two kids."
This is what happens when morals are thrown overboard for no judgement, lets tolerate everything so as not to hurt their feelings society. The best part is later in the article.
"Most of the girls in the Duquesne support group were impregnated by an older man who is no longer in school or in their lives. Some fell in love and wanted to get pregnant. Others didn't want a baby but didn't take precautions or were careless."
At least the kids all have stepbrothers and sisters to play with. The rest of the article is just a depressing glorification of gutter trash behavior that has become acceptable in today's society. I only feel sorry for the kids because most of them will not have a good life thanks to their careless mothers, worthless fathers and the enablers around them.

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