Sunday, January 08, 2006

Little blond girls will be shot if you don't vote Liberal.

Canada: Or if you vote conservative in Canada, little blond blue eye girls will be forced to marry via the handgun. Via Small Dead Animals. There is a racial angle to be played that someone could run with. Why is there only one white girl in the commercial? If the Liberals were smart, it would be a mosaic of cute children of all colors and races looking innocently into the camera, then the handgun comes in and the hero Paul Martin strides onto the stage like the Canadian John Wayne from Big Jake. Black people are already thinking its a race thing. They see this commercial and it will just confirm it.

As top cops and civil servants prepared to gather to tackle Toronto's gun violence crisis, a coalition of African-Canadian groups questioned Tuesday whether officials would have been spurred to act so quickly if the victim of a fatal Boxing Day shooting had been black. Pressured to move after the brazen shooting of Jane Creba lifted Toronto's total of gun deaths last year to 52, police and senior bureaucrats from Ottawa, the province and the City of Toronto agreed to meet Wednesday to discuss strategies to curb gun violence. But a spokeswoman for the Coalition of African Canadian Organizations complained that leaders from Toronto's black community were not invited and suggested that campaigning politicians are only moving to act now because Creba was white. "We have been calling for a summit for the past three months," Sandra Carnegie-Douglas said at a news conference. "We've had over 40 black youth die as a result of gun violence, and we have not seen our government react in such an immediate and strong way." "And so we wonder, if it was a black youth that was murdered on Dec. 26, whether or not they would have moved as quickly. We don't feel that they are taking our issue as seriously as it ought to be taken. To us, it is a continuation of the different way in which we are treated as black people in this country."

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