Thursday, January 12, 2006

Marion Barry tests positive for cocaine.

Politics: At this point it is just a sad spectacle. Let the man get help and away from public office.

The news that D.C. Council member Marion Barry failed a court-ordered drug test in the fall drew sighs, prayers and a call for him to take a leave from his council seat. But at his old haunts and among his constituents, what was missing yesterday was a sense of surprise. For many, this is the fourth decade of the sometimes rocky, sometimes inspiring marriage between Barry, the former four-term mayor who now represents Ward 8 on the council, and the residents of his adopted city. If there was one feeling, it was an amalgam of sadness, empathy and deja vu. "I just think it's a damn shame," said Addie Cook, who had been among the Union Temple Baptist Church members who welcomed him back after he served six months for cocaine possession following his 1990 arrest at the Vista Hotel, where he was videotaped smoking crack. Sources said Barry tested positive for cocaine during routine screening in connection with his guilty plea to two misdemeanor tax charges in October.

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