Wednesday, January 04, 2006

MCB boycotts Holocaust Day again.

UK: MCB and Sacranie hitting on all cylinders these days.

The Muslim Council of Britain, the country's main Muslim organisation, has decided to maintain its boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day. The MCB's policy is not to take part in the UK's commemorations of the mass murder of Jews because it does not mention non-Jewish victims of genocide. It had been reconsidering this, but the BBC has learned the MCB has decided to boycott this year's event too. Its leaders argue that crimes against other peoples should also be marked. The council says it does denounce the Holocaust as what it calls "monstrous cruelty" but rejects the charge that bracketing it with other atrocities diminishes Jewish suffering.
Of course they reject the charge because that is what they want to do. Holocaust = Jews to the MCB and that is unacceptable. You want to mark other days, go make another day.
"The barbarism of killings in Vietnam, Rwanda, Bosnia and Chechnya should also be marked, it says. It has been severely criticised for boycotting the country's national Holocaust commemorations in previous years. Some alleged that its policy indicated anti-Semitism by downplaying the singular nature of the Nazi's attempt to murder a whole people by industrial methods. In the face of the criticism, the MCB has now deliberated privately but decided that the ceremony later this month will also be boycotted, the BBC's British affairs correspondent Stephen Evans said. "
Back in late August BBC did a profile on MCB and their boycott against holocaust day with this.
Sir Iqbal Sacranie: If you look at the statement, and I would strongly advise you to look at the statement, advise you to look at what was the document which was submitted to the Home Office which made it absolutely clear that it is all atrocities, Rwanda, Bosnia, it happened to be the fact, it is there, the vast majority of atrocities that we have seen in these modern times have been Muslims. John Ware: You've cited Rwanda in your statement? Sir Iqbal Sacranie: It is, it was cited there, it's been quoted time and again. John Ware: In your statement to the Home Office? Sir Iqbal Sacranie: Indeed it is. It's clearly been mentioned." John Ware: It's true - the MCB did cite Rwanda - but only after the story broke accusing them of boycotting Holocaust Memorial day. When the MCB published their letter to the Home Office it mentioned by name only Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir.
I said then they included Africa to fight off criticism, now they have included Vietnam to be even more inclusive. Give them a couple of more years and they will list every conflict in recorded history to show how "even-handed" they are about this.

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