Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mike Duffy vs John Duffy

Canada: Watching the Canadian elections is fun from down south, especially when the Liberals seems to be tripping over themselves. The Liberals have released a bunch of attack ads, one stated that Harper would put the Canadian military in the cities, that got pulled because it was a bit over the top. Well CTV had the wrapup of the French Debates and the subject of the ad came up with liberal strategist John Duffy of Beer and Popcorn fame, it got way heated as Mike Duffy just went off and suggested John Duffy was trying to intimdate him during a break to not talk about the ad. Links via FreeDominion and KingstonConservative for the Video. Even Liberals better realize you don't mess with Media people, they get touchy. GLobe and Mail has the writeup.

Ottawa — Call it Duffy versus Duffy. A Liberal strategist's frustrated rebuff to a question about a controversial campaign ad spurred political talk show host Mike Duffy into a stunning, angry outburst Tuesday during live television coverage of the French-language leaders' debate. Liberal tactician John Duffy, a regular guest on the CTV show Countdown with Mike Duffy, had grown visibly weary of questions about the attack ad, which was distributed to the media and posted briefly on the Internet but never aired on television. That, however, is what Mike Duffy wanted to ask about. And when Duffy the strategist tried to dismiss Duffy the journalist, redirecting his question into a discussion about the debate, the popular host staged a fiery television attack of his own. With cameras rolling on what may have been the most captivating 30 seconds of TV of the campaign thus far, the host spilled the beans about an off-camera plea from his guest not to raise the ad, which warned a Conservative government under Stephen Harper would lead to “soldiers with guns” in Canadian cities. “You were in here earlier when we were off the air on a commercial break trying to intimidate me into not going back to that ad,” said Mr. Duffy, his voice rising in indignation. “We will not be intimidated. We will do our jobs as journalists.” The Liberal strategist appeared taken aback. “Why Michael . . .,” he stammered. When he asked who in the party conceived of the ad, the CTV host described it as “hinting at the Canadian Forces or something like what we saw in Chile with Pinochet.” The Liberal strategist's answer made it clear the party was growing frustrated with the ad controversy, which was proving a distraction from what the Liberals considered a strong performance in the debate by Prime Minister Paul Martin. “Tonight, four leaders debated the future of Canada in the province of Quebec,” the Liberal said. “They debated child care, they debated a woman's right to choose, they debated the future of our country and national unity, and we have now spent about 10 minutes talking about nothing but an ad that never ran.” “You're asking why I raise this?” Mike Duffy replied. “No . . .,” John Duffy replied meekly. “Because this has to do with integrity, it has to do with the people who would want to lead our country,” the host continued. “This is a perfectly legitimate issue to be raised by journalists . . .we have every right to raise it, we have a public responsibility to raise it.”

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