Friday, January 13, 2006

Omar Alghabra is really dumb or naive.

Canada: Because this quote about Hamas is astounding yet.... not surprising coming from him.

MISSISSAUGA – While Omar Alghabra, the federal Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale, has rejected allegations that he made pro-Islamist statements at his nomination meeting – allegations that have subsequently been retracted – his statements regarding the Middle East could be a cause for concern. Alghabra, former head of the Canadian Arab Federation, told the Jewish Tribune that he has “always spoken out against extremism and violence against civilians.” But when asked whether he would specifically denounce suicide bombers, he would not comment, claiming that he was being “trapped.” “I am against the occupation of civilians,” he said. “I believe in the Palestinian right of self-determination. I believe in a two-state solution.” But what about Hamas, who, according to an Agence-France dispatch, with files from Reuters, in the Dec. 29 National Post, “is committed to Israel’s destruction?” Alghabra replied: “I don’t believe that Hamas wants the elimination of Israel.”

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