Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Paul Martin unleashes the scare speech.

Canada: Remarkable that the Canadian Press would make it out that Martin and the Liberals are running scared.

WINNIPEG — Prime Minister Paul Martin appeared to be fighting for his political life today, delivering an impassioned speech that claimed Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would destroy Canada’s success. Martin, speaking to several hundred members of the Canadian Club of Winnipeg, reached back to 10-year-old Harper speeches to suggest the Conservative leader doesn’t much like Canada. “I see a Canada we can build on, improve on, move forward,” said Martin. “But (Harper) speaks of moving in an opposite direction, away from all we have achieved together and towards a very different country.” The 25-minute address, in the heart of an NDP-held downtown riding, failed to make a single mention of the New Democrats or their leader Jack Layton, but dealt at length with the separatist threat of Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois. The twin themes of Harper and Duceppe and their potential impact on Canada reflect a desperate Liberal bid to reverse the campaign momentum that for the first time this week appears to present the prospect of a Conservative minority government.

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