Friday, January 06, 2006

RCMP looking into Canadian Liberal party lobbyist

Canada: RCMP is going to have borrow people from other countries at the rate the Liberal party is being looked at.

The RCMP has been asked to probe a Liberal consultant over a $380,000 contract she was awarded to lobby Ottawa for funds for the ailing firearms registry. The five-month contract was awarded by the justice department to Kim Doran in March 2003 to lobby the federal solicitor general, Treasury Board and Privy Council, according to a detailed lobbyist report. At the time, Doran was representing the Coalition for Gun Control. The group, which receives both government and private funding, claims to represent anti-gun groups and municipalities. It is a strong supporter of the gun registry. Funding for the registry was threatened after it was slammed by the auditor general for costing taxpayers $1 billion. "The whole thing smells of corruption and cronyism," said Tony Bernardo, of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

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