Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reuters reports Liberal Insiders say they are done.

Canada: Conservatives better not slack, act like you are 5 points behind and charging hard, get out the vote is now the most important thing to get rolling.

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's once mighty Liberal Party is in serious trouble in the final run-up to the January 23 election, beset by a stumbling campaign, internal divisions and a series of embarrassing gaffes. The party, in power since 1993, has dominated Canadian politics for a century. It is famed for its professionalism and long ago earned the nickname "The Big Red Machine". But the Liberals never really recovered from a kickback scandal in 2004, which badly undermined Prime Minister Paul Martin in the eyes of voters already seeking change. Senior Liberals privately admit the party stands virtually no chance of beating the Conservatives of Stephen Harper, who have moved past the Liberals to take a comfortable lead in recent opinion polls. "We're done," confided a prominent Liberal legislator. "It's all over," said one well-placed official. Some fret they could be out of power for up to a decade. "The talk inside senior Liberal circles is already focussing on the succession and rebuilding the party. Defeat on January 23 is pretty much taken for granted," said one person with access to the top ranks of the party. But Scott Reid, the chief spokesman for Martin, dismissed any talk of defeat. "The mood is good -- very good. We've got time and we've got advantages. We'll make ample use of them both," he said. Martin, who took over from Liberal predecessor Jean Chretien in December 2003, has long been criticised for his indecisiveness and heavy reliance on a small group of relatively inexperienced advisers.
Someone at Western Standard blog pointed out, how come you don't see these type of insider comments in Canadian papers.

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