Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rev Al tries to ride on Boondocks bandwagon.

Entertainment: As he demands an apology from Cartoon Network for airing the episode where MLK goes off on Black America.

NEW YORK The Rev. Al Sharpton asked for an apology Tuesday for last week's "Boondocks" TV episode that showed the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saying the "N" word. Sharpton -- an activist, radio host, and former Democratic presidential candidate -- said in a news release that the Cartoon Network "must apologize and also commit to pulling episodes that desecrate black historic figures. We are totally offended by the continuous use of the 'N' word in [cartoonist Aaron] McGruder's show. While I can appreciate Mr. McGruder and his achievements, this particular episode is over the line. If we don't receive an apology, we will picket the corporate headquarters." The episode depicted Dr. King awakening from a coma around 2000 and being frustrated by some black behavior, including sexually explicit hip-hop videos. A Cartoon Network spokesperson said in a statement: "This episode in no way was meant to offend or 'desecrate' the name of Dr. King. We think Aaron McGruder came up with a thought-provoking way of not only showing Dr. King's bravery but also of reminding us of what he stood and fought for, and why even today it is important for all of us to remember that and to continue to take action." "The Boondocks" has about 300 newspaper and online clients via Universal Press Syndicate, which -- when contacted Wednesday by E&P Online -- referred comment on Sharpton's remarks to those involved with the TV version of McGruder's comic.
You can see the clip here on Youtube.

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