Sunday, January 22, 2006

Spielberg decides any criticism is extremist talk

Entertainment: I said earlier from the Times Online interview he was going on the offense by saying I am right and everyone else is wrong, in a new interview, he is going for everyone is just an extremist and I am right.

"Munich" was blasted by some US Jewish commentators who accused Spielberg of equating the Israeli assassins with the Palestinian militants. Spielberg dismissed the charges as "nonsense". "These critics are acting as if we were all missing a moral compass. Of course it is a horrible, abominable crime when people are taken hostage and killed like in Munich," he said. "But it does not excuse the act when you ask what the motives of the perpetrators were and show that they were also individuals with families and a history.... Understanding does not mean forgiving. Understanding does not mean being soft, it is a courageous and strong stance."
You are missing a moral compass, you have leveled out every act of violence to but we need to understand the motives, that these people have families with a history flower power bit. People know they have families, they know they have history, most people don't give a damn because the terrorist act is bigger than finding out someone has a daughter so that should give everyone pause, it doesn't and it shouldn't. Spielberg liberalism gets in the way of the hard fact that understanding as he practices means appeasing. It is not courageous or strong at all. Let me put it this way, If Israel saw all the Palestinian as he thinks Israel is seeing them and vice versa which in his mind is causing the violence. Israel would have rolled with the military and go back and forth crushing everyone in Gaza and the West Bank with a vengeance that would have stopped the violence a long time ago. But I think this shows how desperate Spielberg is becoming in defending his movie, cries of political censorship and calling everyone who disagrees with the movie extremists reflects badly on him.

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