Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sydney council doing a reverse, lying out of its teeth.

Australia: How can you say the reason you banned the flag is not because of racial tension, when you are already quoted saying it was?

But Ms Main insisted the issue was being misunderstood. “The one-up capital cost of a flag might be $300 but it might cost council, in wages, forever, quite a lot of money it would run into thousands,” she said. Given that Australian flags already flew at the Bondi and North Bondi surf clubs and the RSL all within 700m of the pavilion Ms Main said it seemed “perhaps a bit over the top”. Deputy Mayor George Newhouse also denied any link to racial tensions. “We proudly fly the flag at Bondi and this decision has absolutely nothing to do with racism or Cronulla,” he said.
But this was said little over 24 hours ago.
Mayor Mora Main and fellow Green George Copeland led a block of Labor councillors, including deputy mayor George Newhouse, Peter Moscatt and Ingrid Strewe, vetoing the plan by Liberal councillor Joy Clayton on December 13. The Australian flag and an Aboriginal flag were to be provided by Wentworth Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull, who yesterday led a chorus of opposition to the move. But an unapologetic Cr Copeland said the council remained concerned about a repeat of the racial violence that erupted at Cronulla before Christmas. "The previous weekend, the Cronulla riots happened and in those riots, the Australian flag was used by both sides as a symbol around which to perpetrate racial violence," Cr Copeland said. ....Cr Main said yesterday that concerns about racial unrest were only part of the reason behind the council's decision. "I thinks it's just that Bondi is not a ceremonial place. It's a place for recreation," she said.
Show some spine on the issue instead of running from your stupidity. Now the NSW is getting involved to make the council look even worse.
THE New South Wales Government has offered to provide Waverley Council with an Australian flag, flagpole and the manpower required to fly the flag at a Bondi beach landmark. Premier Morris Iemma yesterday condemned the eastern Sydney council after it was accused of refusing to fly the flag at the historic Bondi Pavilion because of concerns about racial tensions following last month's Cronulla beach riot. Waverley Mayor Mora Main said the decision not to fly the flag was influenced solely by financial and heritage considerations. Ms Main has invited Mr Iemma to a meeting to discuss the issue. But Mr Iemma today said that was unnecessary. "There's no need for a meeting and there's no need for consultation," he said. "If they are short a flag we'll give them a flag, if they're short a flag pole I'll have the Department of Commerce send them a flag pole with the bolts so that the flag and the flag pole can go up at the pavilion immediately. "If you're short the work people to do it we'll send you the people from commerce to do it and just get the flag up. "They don't need to have a heritage study, or consultation, or any meetings."

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