Friday, January 06, 2006

There is a traitor in the Liberal party!

Canada: That or the Liberals in Canada are getting really paranoid for no reason.

"This latest RCMP story comes amidst reports the Liberal campaign is losing steam, and troubled by the strong possibility that a "mole" is leaking major policy announcements ahead of campaign stops. "There is a mole. It's sabotage," a top Liberal insider told CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife. One such leak was an announcement about education that said Martin would announce Thursday, promising billions of dollars in post-secondary tuition assistance. Martin would not acknowledge the presence of a mole, but he was not happy. "No, I don't think there is any such plan. The fact is that these things happen and so far I think it actually has been a rarity," Martin said. The leak is just one more blunder in a campaign that is making Liberal strategists running scared, analysts say. "There are folks in the backroom of the Liberal party -- and I've heard this from a number of folks now -- that are very, very gloomy," The Globe and Mail's Gloria Galloway told CTV's Mike Duffy Live. "They are now talking about nothing but Stephen Harper as Prime Minister." On the other hand, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is running a pretty much error-free campaign, laying out policy announcements and staying away from mudslinging. When the story of the new RCMP probe broke Thursday night, a Harper spokesman sent out this email: "Please note that the Conservative Party will not be commenting on the breaking latest breaking Liberal scandal -- relating to Option Canada -- until tomorrow." The subtext of that email was that the Conservatives were willing to sit back for a few hours and let the media do the dirty work."
Bah, all that talk about the Tories winning, I am still convinced Paul Martin could walk down the street slapping women in the face in Ontario saying "I'm your Daddy!" and still get a majority of the votes for the Grits.

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