Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Toronto Star accused of plagiarism

Media: Via Regret the Error.

"So the Star and the News and the Journal all poached an item more than a decade old, failed to verify it, and reported it as new news. As Cassingham noted in an email to us after we directed him to the Star editorial, it appears that the Star even chose to crib and slightly alter Cassingham's line that "journalists can't be embarrassed." Not to mention the fact that the paper used his item pretty much verbatim. "Note they even stole my tagline for the story -- my comment on the story that's my stock in trade as a news commentary columnist -- and published it as their own," he told us via email. "That's the very definition of plagiarism, isn't it?" The irony of this -- a very large media mistake in a story about media mistakes -- is rich. But Cassingham has every right to be upset. All three papers failed their readers by not checking the wire to verify the story. But the Star's infractions are by far the worst. The paper lifted the item and failed to credit any source. Then it plagiarized."

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