Saturday, February 25, 2006

Australians back Costello's comments.

Australia: This is in part of the knee-jerk victim status the Muslim leaders and P.C. types down there utter every time something like this comes along.

WEST Australians have rallied behind Peter Costello's call for Muslim extremists to be stripped of Australian citizenship. Callers to talkback radio and letters to newspapers have overwhelmingly backed the Treasurer – with many saying they are sick of even hearing the word "Muslim". In a letter to The Sunday Times, Wilson resident Richard Sims congratulated Mr Costello for speaking "from the hip". "As Australians, we do not care whether you worship Allah, Fosters or the Eagles, what we do care is that you do not come to this wonderful country of ours to change it to the way your native land was," he wrote. WA Premier Alan Carpenter supported the Treasurer's comments, calling on migrants to adopt Australian values while still maintaining their cultural ties. "One of the great features of modern Australian life is our ability as a community to respect, enjoy and celebrate our cultural differences," he said. "Everyone who decides to become an Australian citizen should be loyal to Australia and its people, respect our rights and liberties, share our democratic beliefs and uphold and obey our laws." WA Opposition Leader Matt Birney also agreed with Mr Costello, saying political correctness was to blame. "I believe the vast majority of foreign-born West Australians are loyal to our nation and respect our laws and culture," he said. "What is more concerning is that some sections of the community have taken political correctness too far. "Their attempts to accommodate ethnic or religious groups, most of the time without any request from these groups, upset the majority of West Australians and create unnecessary tension in the community."
Costello talks about banning extremists and not allowing them into the country, none of which is the least bit unreasonable. Then comes the call of "Islamophobia" which ticks people off and you get this sort of reaction. You have to be stupid not to see it coming.

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