Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cartoon riot roundup for Feb 18th,2006

World: Lots of stuff here and there. An Italian minister resigns as his wearing a t-shirt with the Mohammed cartoons causes 11 dead in Libya.

AN Italian minister who wore a T-shirt featuring cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed has quit overnight after he was blamed for deadly riots outside an Italian consulate in Libya. A powerful charity led by a son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi called Reforms Minister Roberto Calderoli a "racist full of hatred" and said it held him responsible for Friday's violence, in which 11 people were killed. The protest was the bloodiest so far over satirical cartoons of the Prophet that Muslims regard as blasphemous. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and politicians from across Italy's political spectrum had called on Mr Calderoli, a member of the radical Northern League, to step down, accusing him of stoking Muslim anger by proudly wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the cartoons on state television this week. Mr Calderoli, who is known for his inflammatory statements against immigrants and Muslims, said he had quit out of a "sense of responsibility and certainly not because it was demanded by the government and the opposition". "I don't intend to allow further the shameful manipulation which is being brought to bear against me and against the Northern League from members of the ruling coalition," he said in a statement after meeting Northern League party leaders.
Notice how no one now is questioning the fact there was violence, it is now considered normal, so normal, in Canada groups are praising non-violent responses.
A coalition of Muslim groups praised Canadians on Friday for their non-violent reaction to caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that have sparked violent protests around the world. INDEPTH: Muhammad cartoons: a timeline Canada's response to the cartoons have struck a balance between freedom of expression and protecting people from hate and racism, the coalition said at a news conference in Ottawa.
What did they expect? The Canadian government to clamp down on protestors with guns blazing? Canadians to burn down buildings? Muslim leaders calling out for beatdowns? This is bizarro variation of a Chris Rock's joke.
'Muslims always want credit for some s*** they're supposed to do. They'll brag about stuff a normal man just does . They'll say something like, "Yeah, well, I didn't go out and riot." You're not supposed to, you dumb mother****er. "I didn't burn down buildings or kill anyone." Whaddya want? A cookie? You're not supposed to burn down buildings and kill anyone, you low-expectation-having mother****er!'
No one else found this incredibly insulting? Come on now. Cleric in Pakistan puts out a bounty.
In Pakistan on Friday, a cleric even announced a $1-million US bounty on the cartoonists, whose caricatures first appeared in a Danish newspaper in September and have been reprinted in other countries.
10000 protest in London again this weekend led by the Hizb ut-Tahrir and MAC.

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