Saturday, February 18, 2006

Chuckie Hagel urges talks with Iran

Nation: Based on common interests.

WASHINGTON - Sen. Chuck Hagel reasserted his differences with President Bush's foreign policy Thursday, calling in part for a more measured approach to Iran's nuclear ambitions. Speaking to about 30 journalists who cover the military, the Nebraska Republican said a diplomatic approach was vital to confronting Iran, which has been pressing for nuclear technology. "I think one thing we ought to be doing is engaging the Iranians. Why aren't we talking to them? That's the essence of good foreign policy," he said. "We must find a way to establish some relationship based on common interests."
What common interests? Holocaust denial, wiping Israel off the map, peace in the middle east? Iran does not have common interests with anyone at this point. Even France has given up being diplomatic with them and they will kiss anyone's behind. The only diplomatic approach that would work is for everyone to say go ahead Iran and that is not in the cards.

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