Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jesus and Mohammed hug on a swan draws protests.

Canada: Yep, this has gone beyond parody and into just plain stupid as the politically correct crowd goes nuts.

TORONTO (CP) - A student newspaper at Canada's largest university is drawing criticism for publishing a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus embracing. The University of Toronto student union says it's received several complaints about the Strand, published by Victoria College. The cartoon, submitted by a student, was published Wednesday alongside an editorial addressing the debate on whether to publish controversial Danish cartoons that have sparked protest around the world. It depicts a man resembling Jesus embracing another figure with his back turned with a turban and a tattoo of a crescent moon and star. Union president Paul Bretscher says the editors should pull the cartoon and issue an apology. Karen Whaley, the paper's co-editor-in-chief, says the cartoon wasn't intended to be inflammatory. The controversy comes amid violent protests by Muslims around the world over cartoons first published by a Danish newspaper that depicted the most revered figure in Islam. "This is not an issue of freedom of speech," Bretscher said Friday. "It is about respect and appreciation for the different faiths and cultures on our campus." Bretscher said the drawing - in which both men are also shown in a floating swan as it enters the "Tunnel of Tolerance" - was originally sent to another U of T paper, the Varsity, which declined to publish it. Whaley refused to comment Friday on whether the paper would pull the cartoon. "All I can say on the matter is that it wasn't intended to be inflammatory," Whaley said. "It wasn't intended to offend anyone." But Bretscher said it is hard to believe the Strand's editorial staff didn't anticipate a negative reaction in the wake of worldwide protests.
Second thought, I would not have published it because it is so damn cheesy.

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