Monday, February 20, 2006

Muslim anger at PM John Howard for stating facts?

Australia: When digging a hole, stop digging. This has to be the dumbest rationalization I have ever seen.

PRIME Minister John Howard's suggestions that some Muslims are extremists who cannot embrace the Australian way of life are offensive and ignorant, the Islamic Council of New South Wales says. Mr Howard said yesterday he stood by his comments, which were outlined in a book to mark his 10 years in power, claiming sections of Australia's Muslim population were antagonistic to Australian culture. He said a commitment to jihad and extreme attitudes towards women were two problems unique to Muslims that previous intakes of migrants from Europe did not have, and that Australia wanted people to assimilate and adopt Australian ways. Islamic Council of NSW spokesman Ali Roude said Mr Howard had a right to his personal view but that he should involve the entire Australian community if he was contemplating a change in Australia's policy of multiculturalism. "If the PM has a personal preference for assimilation rather than the strategy of multiculturalism, which has been the strong bipartisan position in Australia since the days of the Fraser government, that is his personal right and he is entitled to it," Mr Roude said. "I myself and our council will disagree with him, but we will take it no further." Mr Roude said it was no surprise that Mr Howard had pointed to the radical and offensive views of a minority within the Muslim community. "Within any pluralist society such obscene voices exist," he said. "Within Australia we have seen Captain Francis De Groot and the New Guard, then the League of Rights and the Australian Nationalist Party and more recently the rise and fall of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party."
So Howard points out Islamist extremists won't embrace the Australian way of life and that is ignorant? How stupid can you get? Unless Roude can point out how the people and parties he says are on the same level as Islamic extremists, he is full of it. Other apologists are either ignorant or stupid.
SYDNEY, Australia -- Australian Prime Minister John Howard said some segments of the country's Islamic community were "utterly antagonistic" to Australian society in comments published Monday that immediately drew criticism from a Muslim group. Howard also denounced "extreme attitudes" held by some Muslims, including their views on women and support of jihad, or holy war. He said some Muslim immigrants had not integrated into Australian society as well as previous waves of Europeans and Asians. ....Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said he was "quite disappointed" with Howard's remarks. "I think his comments will disappoint many mainstream Muslims because they come out of left field and they will not be seen just as criticism of a minority," Trad said.
How have they come out of left field? John Howard and others have not sucked up like in the UK and have on previous occasions denounced the extremists, this cannot be a surprise to anyone. Even the "moderate" Muslim cleric is a bit off in my book.
"Prominent Melbourne cleric Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam conceded that there was a radical minority who should probably leave the country. "These (extremists) can be found, but the mainstream are not extremists," the imam of Preston Mosque, in Melbourne's north, said. "But we should ask why the extremist have such views. In the case of Palestine and the double standards of the West, what do you expect?" Sheik Fehmi, who is regarded as a moderate, said he understood why Muslims would fight overseas. But he said Muslim Australians had no business preaching and pursuing violence here. "It's not wrong to fight the invasion in Iraq, it's not wrong to assist the Palestinians but here (in Australia), we cannot go ahead to do some terrorist (attack) to help the people over there," Sheik Fehmi said. "If you live here, you have to keep (extremist views) to yourself. If you cannot keep it to yourself, then leave."
If that is the moderate, there is a huge problem in that community.

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