Saturday, March 18, 2006

French Student Riots! France is dead.

EU: Long live France!

Organisers estimated the turnout nationwide at 1.3 to 1.4 million, with up to 400,000 of them in Paris. As usual, the official count was lower -- the Interior Ministry reported 503,000 nationwide, with 80,000 in Paris. The protesters demanded Villepin withdraw the "First Job Contract" or CPE, which lets firms fire workers under 26 without explanation in their first two years on the job. He launched it to spur wary employers to take on new staff. In the western city of Rennes, students wore plastic garbage bags with signs declaring: "I am disposable." "I risk working for two years for nothing, just to be fired at any moment," said Paris student Coralie Huvet, 20, who had "No to the CPE" written on her forehead. Pointing to painted-on tears, she added: "That's depressing, that's why I'm crying."
Just to point out, she demands that she gets work for two years no matter what happens. The attitudes as pointed out in previous posts is one of lifetime work and the government been their nanny.
"I am in favour of more flexibility if at the end there is security as well - that if people are fired, they know that they can keep their apartment or get further training. "This is really important, and we need to build that new society, not only in France, but in the whole of Europe," he says. This Saturday, Victor will be on the streets demonstrating along with his mother and father - the first time the family has demonstrated together since 1995, when another French government was forced to back down on its reform proposals. Why demonstrate as a family? "Because today, with this new law, I will be in competition with my parents for jobs. We have a saying now in France: 'Hey, dad, I got a new job - it's yours.' And I really don't want that situation in France."
I am delighted they are protesting, less competition for countries and their workers who actually work.

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