Monday, March 27, 2006

Hamas: moderate Islamic movement

Middle East: I think that to go on a charm offensive, you sorta need to have charm first.

All this is said with great charm, and Dr Dweik, asked how he can justify the Hamas suicide bombers, reaches for a piece of paper and writes an equation. It reads "Oppression + Hopelessness = Death". He goes on to say that he does not want to throw the Israelis into the sea, not at all. He values human life and Hamas has stuck by its declared truce and will continue to stick by it. If Israel came up with a deal that offered Palestinians a true state, that too would be considered. "In the meantime, we have work to do, laying down the ground for real democracy and transparency and getting rid of corruption. That is our first priority. We want to repair our economy. Then we must give our people some measure of social justice. And we want to promote international peace. We want international support. "OK, yes, it happened, we did suicide attacks but now there is a truce. We deplore any action where civilians are killed, yes, including Israeli civilians. We are a moderate Islamic movement. We are not terrorists. We are freedom seekers. Please, tell your readers, please help us secure this goal."
They got the buzz words down.

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