Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal protests = benign Muslim cartoon protests.

Culture: Reading reports about upside down American Flag with the Mexican flag above , all this talk about this is their homeland, give us rights now because we demand it and a general disrespect towards American laws by some parts of the protestors. The only difference between this and protests about cartoons is the lack of religion and those in Europe probably had more legal members. I am holding off on the violence aspect because lets see what happens if the senate version of the bill bombs out. Can you tell how disgusted and disappointed I am about this whole deal? Perfect example.

For months if not years, the debate on immigration has been dominated in public forums by congressional voices against accommodating illegal immigrants and by television and talk radio programs bristling with anti-illegal-immigrant commentary. But U.S. employer organizations - with California agribusiness and other industries in front - are part of a broad spectrum of society trying to seize the debate from the other side. Lobbying in Washington - and now hitting the streets - they are arguing for reforms that recognize undocumented immigrants' contributions to the economy rather than branding them a burden that should be ejected from the country.
Thats not even the argument, all anyone wants is that every person, no matter go thru the legal process of becoming a citizen. All that has been seen so far are protests demanding legalization on friendly terms and damn the consequences. If the amnesty bill passes, 10-20 years from now, you are going to have the same problem. This bill is a bandaid over a problem that demands a more comprehensive solution.

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