Friday, March 31, 2006

Jill Carroll: Stockholm Syndrome victim?

Media: Happy with her release, though I objected to the media treatment of those who did not elevate her to a higher status than everyone else who has been kidnapped. LGF has links to video and transcript where she praises her captors and denounces the war. I am leaning more to her saying just what she said to keep herself alive. John Podhoretz on the NRO Corner did bring up the Stockholm Syndrome as she was released.

It's wonderful that she's free, but after watching someone who was a hostage for three months say on television she was well-treated because she wasn't beaten or killed -- while being dressed in the garb of a modest Muslim woman rather than the non-Muslim woman she actually is -- I expect there will be some Stockholm Syndrome talk in the coming days. Posted at 09:25 AM

Editor and Publisher quickly ran a defensive apologist piece after running a story about John Podhoretz and Powerline questioning Carroll's well-treated remarks. This was after the video was released.

NEW YORK Several hours after the release of journalist Jill Carroll in Baghdad today, the shadowy group that claims to have abducted her, the Vengeance Brigade, released a video in which she praised her captors and denounced President Bush and the U.S. war effort.

It is not known if her statements were coerced, but she made them while a captive, under obviously trying conditions.

She said of Bush, "He needs to stop this war. He knows this war is wrong."Replying to questions in the nine-minute video, Carroll said, according to a Washington Post account, that the insurgents are "more clever" and "better at what they do" than U.S. troops.

She said the fact that U.S. forces were unable to find her "makes very clear that the mujaheddin are the ones who will win in the end in this war."

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