Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mexico going on an immigration charm offensive.

Mexico: Considering the resounding failure of their drug fight against the cartel along the border, I have no hope for this.

MEXICO CITY - As the U.S. Senate focuses this week on the issue of illegal immigration, Mexico has launched a campaign to convince Americans that it will do more to stop the flow of undocumented workers into the United States and prevent violence along the border. U.S. officials have praised the Mexican overtures, which include the adoption and publishing of a new immigration policy that calls for creation of economic and housing programs that would lure Mexican workers back home and an accord to better cooperate with U.S. officials on quickly responding to border crime. While skeptics note that some of the promises clash with Mexico's long-held positions and actions, U.S. and Mexican officials say the moves reflect a rare public commitment by Mexican authorities to accept responsibility for the root causes of illegal immigration and take steps to prevent it. "What we have accepted nationally is that we have responsibilities," said Silvia Hernandez, a Mexican senator and the principal author of the new written immigration policy. "Do we have homework to do? Yes. Do we have to revise our laws? Yes."
I seriously doubt Mexico will do what will slow the flow of people north which is improve their economy. It is too easy to push people north and send the money south. This is nothing more than a smokescreen.

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