Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wash Post loves their Embryonic.

Science: Just reading the headline will make people question the headline writer's bias.

Embryonic Stem Cell Success In Mouse Experiment, Cells From Testes Are Transformed By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, March 25, 2006; Page A11 Scientists in Germany said yesterday that they had retrieved easily obtained cells from the testes of male mice and transformed them into what appear to be embryonic stem cells, the versatile and medically promising biological building blocks that can morph into all kinds of living tissues.
Boston Globe of all places gets it right in the first paragraph.
Germans announce stem cell advance Technique avoids use of embryos By Gareth Cook, Globe Staff March 25, 2006 German scientists said yesterday that they have created cells similar to embryonic stem cells without using embryos, suggesting a way that stem cell research might advance without the controversy that has surrounded it. The team of scientists removed sperm-producing stem cells from mice and transformed them into cells that appear to be identical to embryonic stem cells, which can become any type of cell in the body and which lead to new treatments for a variety of diseases. If the same technique can be adapted to human cells, scientists would not need to use frozen embryos to create the equivalent of embryonic stem cells, and they would not need to clone stem cells -- the two approaches most scientists have been investigating.

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