Sunday, April 23, 2006

BBC: A "perceived" humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

Media: Coming from the organization where their employees cried at the death of Arafat, this is sadly predictable.

'Westerners responsible' In previous messages, Bin Laden had sometimes tried to differentiate and drive a wedge between governments of the West and the general public, offering a truce to Europe if it changed its government and their policies of intervention in the Muslim world. But more ominously, in this tape he claims that the continuing "war" is a "responsibility shared between the people and the governments". The section of the tape which will cause greatest consternation in the West is the reference to the crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. In the West, this is perceived as a humanitarian crisis and there remains pressure to send in troops to intervene. However, in some quarters of the Muslim world, there is a conspiratorial view that the West will seek to break apart Sudan in the way it is perceived as having broken apart Iraq.

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