Monday, April 24, 2006

David Cameron is an idiot.

UK: Just an observation from across the pond, but maybe if he wasn't dog sledding for swampy votes, he would be in the UK doing his job by making people have reason to vote Tory instead of saying vote for anyone but the BNP. The boy blunder has already failed his first major test even if the BNP doesn't win any seats. When did both conservatives parties overall get stuck on stupid?

David Cameron called yesterday on voters in next month's English local elections to support any party other than the far-Right British National Party. Mr Cameron: reaching out to voters in the inner-city The Conservative leader accused the BNP of "thriving on hatred" and wanting to set one race against another. "I hope nobody votes for the BNP. I would rather people voted for any other party," Mr Cameron told Sky News. His remarks reflect growing alarm among mainstream parties that the BNP is poised to make gains on May 4 when almost 23 million voters in London and in borough and metropolitan councils go to the polls. A YouGov survey for The Daily Telegraph today suggests that millions of voters are not enamoured of any of the main parties. Fewer than one voter in five wants the Conservatives to control their local council. The same small proportion wants to see Labour in power locally. Still fewer fancy the Liberal Democrats. A substantial fraction of the electorate would rather see no one party in power but a two-party or more coalition

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