Saturday, April 29, 2006

Eliot Spitzer: Next dictator of New York.

Nation: This man wants to be your mommy and daddy, the bad part is a large portion of New York like the government to be their parents.

BUFFALO, N.Y. Democratic candidate for governor Eliot Spitzer was in Buffalo earlier today to unveil his child protection platform. During his appearance at a Y-M-C-A in the city, the New York attorney general called on corporations to stop treating children as what he called "fair game" for products that can cause them harm. He says it's up to government to step in if there's no corporate responsibility. Spitzer is calling for "Safe Games" legislation that would ban the sale and rental of violent and sexually explicit video games to children under 18. He's also calling for a state law banning flavored cigarettes that appeal to young smokers, and for legislation toughening penalties for gun crimes committed on school grounds. Spitzer also is pushing for a "Healthy Schools Act" that would ban candy, fast food and soda from being sold in schools. The candidate is speaking at an education conference in Rochester this afternoon and attends a Democratic Party gathering in Albany tonight.

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